DOTA2 11月6日更新修复游戏BUG

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DOTA2 11月6日更新修复游戏BUG 

  大青椒的帕克镇楼 HOHO

  今天主客户端有一个42.9MB的更新 主要是一些BUG修复和几张新门票 下面开始正题 HOHO

  首先看看官方 英文版 更新日志(一会慢慢翻译 大家耐心等待) HOHO


  Match Ready dialog now works when in a bot match.

  Fixed effects attached to Whale Blade, Kantusa and several other items not always drawing properly

  Improved network performance with various muli-target attacks (like Cleave)

  Various Phantom Assassin ambient weapon effects have been fixed.

  Fixed a bug that could cause low end settings to not display effects properly

  Wards with auras such as Juggernaut’s healing ward, Tusk’s Sigil, Pugna’s Netherward, etc. will now properly stop ambient effects when they expire or are killed.

  Fixed Phoenix not being pickable in CD

  Various pathing fixes

  Enabled creation of local lobbies with 5v5 bots

  Fixed hero guide submission.

  Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where the portrait colors would be wrong after respawning.

  Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where Terrorblade would lose his wings after respawning in some cases, such as after swapping from a player who didn*t own the arcana.

  Fixed a bug that caused customized particle effects spawned by animations, like Juggernaut*s critical hit, to only show the default.

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